A stepping stone to college

You may never have attended college, or are thinking of going back after a long break. CSM is uniquely suited to helping you take that next step.

Earn inexpensive college credit, just $39

The American Council on Education College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) recommends that colleges accept the CSM Certificate as 3 semester hours of quantitative reasoning credit at the baccalaureate level.

Build learning skills

In addition to building your math, literacy, and problem-solving skills, CSM also teaches you how to be a better learner. CSM gives you feedback on how you learn best, and builds key traits like persistence and attention to detail.

Take that first step

The CSM course is an inexpensive, low-risk action that you can take right now. The CSM Course is a great way to dip your toe in the water, getting the experience of learning in an online environment before taking the college plunge.

What to expect from the CSM Course

CSM is one of the most advanced learning technologies in the world, and it will take you on a personalized path based on what you know and how you learn. CSM's skills are challenging, but you will have the support that you need, with many different learning resources so that you can learn in the ways that work best for you.

When you take the CSM Course, you will master 34 core skills in the areas of quantitative reasoning, literacy, and problem solving. You will also improve skills like persistence, self-reliance, and attention to detail.

The goal of CSM is to make you a better active and independent learner who knows they are able to succeed. These are traits that are critical for school, college, work, and life.

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How do I get college credit for CSM?

You can send a transcript of your CSM Certificate to any college or university to be evaluated for credit. We also have agreements with the following colleges that they will accept the CSM Certificate as credit. We are actively adding to this list, so please check back for updates.

College CSM Articulation

3 semester hours General Education Math

fulfills the Math General Education requirement

3 credit hours in MA TLL1

3 semester credit hours Liberal Arts elective credit

3 semester credit hours Liberal Arts elective credit

3 semester credit hours as general education elective credit
10% tuition discount for all programs

MATH 1XX: 3 semester hours Math Elective Lower Level

MATH 125: Quantitative Reasoning & Problem Solving

may satisfy math requirements for some programs and degrees

BUS-210 Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers

can be used to satisfy 3 credits of the general education Quantitative Literacy requirement, the general education Natural Sciences requirement, a Statistics requirement, the general education Intellectual or Practice Skills requirement, or as a general education elective.

3 semester credit hours General Elective credit

C459 Introduction to Probability and Statistics

fulfills a general education requirement for business and information technology degrees

3 semester credit hours Liberal Arts elective credit

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Personal Coaching

Personal Online Coaches are available for only $99. Your coach will help you develop effective learning strategies, work through frustration, stay motivated, and make a plan for success. Your coach will be available to you by text, messaging, or phone, and they'll stick with you for as long as it takes for you to succeed!

Get started now!

To take CSM, click on the link below and get started. Everyone can try the CSM Course for free until they are 10% towards earning their CSM Certificate or until they've worked for 2 hours, whichever comes later. After that, it's just $39 for the entire course.

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