CSM will help you achieve your goals

Whether you're thinking of going back to college or earning a GED, or want to move up in your job, or are a company manager who never liked and learned math, CSM can help you. The CSM Course teaches you more than skills - it's about the High Performance characteristics that help you excel at what you do, and give you the well-earned confidence that you can use the skills you have. And you can prove that you're ready to take on the world with the CSM Certificate.

Oh, and the CSM Course is EXTREMELY LOW COST!

CSM is about High Performance

CSM builds High Performance characteristics including: deep, fluent workplace math and literacy  »  problem-solving strategies  »  the ability to learn on your own  »  attention-to-detail  »  persistence and self-reliance  »  and most importantly, self-efficacy, the belief, founded in personal experience, that you can do what you set out to do.

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CSM is intensely personalized

CSM is one of the most advanced learning technologies in the world, and it adapts based on what you know and don't know. CSM's skills are challenging, but CSM will make sure that you get the support that you need, and provides many different learning resources so that you can learn in the ways that work best for you.
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How do I take CSM?

To take CSM, click on the link below and get started. That's it! Everyone can try the CSM Course for free until they are 10% towards earning their CSM Certificate or until they've worked for 2 hours, whichever comes later.

If you're taking CSM at a school, college, or educational program or through your employer, please contact them to see if they've already created an account for you.

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