What is High Performance?

High Performance is applying the most important math and literacy skills fluently, solving new problems, mastering new skills on your own, being persistent when things are hard, and expecting the best from yourself.

Who needs High Performance?

The better question is who doesn't? High Performance is what students need to thrive in school and college, and how employees succeed and grow in their careers.

Whatever you do, High Performance means that you do it RIGHT.

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The CSM Course - Intensely Personalized Education

Personalized for cognitive, meta-cognitive, and non-cognitive learning

Formatively assesses every answer and adapts to every student

Analyzes and responds to student attitudes and behaviors

CSM is a self-paced online course that builds High Performance, powered by next-generation adaptive learning technology. The CSM Course not only analyzes each student response to fashion a unique path through the skills, but also reacts to the way the student feels - their frustrations and focus, their struggles and successes.

The benefits of this new approach are that students are happier and more effective, there is no wasted time, and learning is deeper and more durable.

And the CSM Course is for everyone. The High Performance that it builds is as important for managers as for frontline workers, college graduates as for high school students. And CSM's personalization adapts to the needs of every student, whatever their needs or educational background.

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The CSM Certificate - a New Type of Credential

The CSM Certificate is the first credential of general High Performance. It demonstrates to employers the characteristics that they value in all employees, and indicates to colleges those students who will thrive.

The skills and traits certified in the CSM Certificate are challenging even for college graduates, but the next-generation technology of the CSM Course means that it can be attained by students of ALL educational backgrounds.

While most other certificates are only indicators of skills, CSM also certifies traits and behaviors and mindsets such as persistence, attention-to-detail and self-efficacy.
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In secondary school, college, adult education and workforce education, CSM means faster and more assured graduation, and self-efficacy that leads to higher career aspirations.



CSM's High Performance traits and the "can do" attitudes that result are the most valuable essentials for productivity, advancement and engagement from frontline to managerial employees.



CSM High Performance Communities empower individuals, make businesses more competitive, and improve economic prosperity by uniting the community with a spirit of shared purpose, effort and accomplishment.



Anyone can gain the benefits of High Performance on their own, preparing them to thrive in education, work, and life.


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