What is High Performance?

It's people who come to work every day committed to giving their all, striving to do things right, pushing through problems and bouncing back from failures. It's people who have the core academic skills to do their job well and with confidence. It's a team that knows and respects the abilities of their co-workers. It's people who believe that they have something to offer and feel confident enough to speak up.

It's not just skills, and not just soft skills - it's the skills and traits and mindsets of High Performance.

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The CSM Course

The CSM Course uses next-generation personalized learning technology to build High Performance characteristics.

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Build High Performance throughout your organization

Application Discussion
Team development People can only effectively contribute in a team if they have the self-efficacy to believe that they can contribute. CSM provides the individual intra-personal foundation leading to effective team participation. CSM can also be a basis for building mutual respect when used across a team.
Tuition assistance or advanced training Ensure that people who are going into advanced training or who are receiving tuition assistance will be able to succeed, increasing your ROI on training budgets.
Skills upgrades Companies already have the knowledge of how to impart job-specific skills, but CSM provides a novel approach to the High Performance skills and traits that improve productivity and engagement across all positions.
Promotion pathway and leadership development CSM's High Performance skills and traits are valuable for everyone, but they are particularly useful for managers. A surprisingly large fraction of even managers with college degrees have mediocre analytical skills, low quantitative intuition, indifferent attention-to-detail, low persistence, poor problem-solving strategies and mindset, and other leadership skills. CSM ensures that everyone has these important leadership skills, and because it's an adaptive learning course, it doesn't waste anyone's time.
Hiring Hiring new employees with CSM Certificates means that they'll be ready to take advantage of onboarding training and hit the ground running. You can guarantee job interviews for CSM Certificate holders, or indicate preference for them in job advertisements. This also provides a strong signal both to individuals and local education and training programs of the value you place in CSM, encouraging them to build the workforce you want in your community.
Onboarding CSM can ensure that your new hires have the skills and traits to become effective employees. Furthermore, CSM can acculturate employees into a High Performance work environment, where attention-to-detail, persistence, self-reliance, and learning agility are required.

What makes CSM unique?

Many companies are trying to improve workforce skills, but CSM's approach is innovative and unique in many ways.

CSM builds High Performance, not just skills. Other programs such as Skillsoft help your employees build very specific skills, from Autocad to Microsoft Word to legal compliance training. While these skills are useful, they don't transform a person's general attitudes, behaviors, and self-image to one of a high performer. CSM's High Performance skills are transferable to anything that a person does, and are equally applicable to everyone.

CSM Certificate is the world's first certificate of High Performance.

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CSM focuses on building skills, not assessing skills. There are many assessments such as WorkKeys that can determine what a person's skills or aptitudes are, and what jobs they might be ready for or suited to. While the CSM Certificate demonstrates that a person has the skills and traits of High Performance, the CSM Course allows everyone to achieve those skills. Thus, CSM doesn't just identify who in your workforce already has High Performance essentials, it builds them for everyone.

CSM uses next-generation learning technology for deeply personalized and efficient learning. Most corporate learning systems have all students learn the same things in the same order, with no regard for their prior knowledge or skills. CSM's adaptive learning guides every student on a unique path through skills, so that they skip over material that they already know, but go deep if they have gaps. This means that learning is maximally efficient, with no wasted time.

CSM builds mastery and self-efficacy. Most corporate learning systems use an old-school multiple choice approach, where students need to get only a fraction of the questions right to pass. CSM builds a mastery mindset by requiring students to get 100% correct. CSM is also the first learning system to personalize learning with a goal to building self-efficacy -- CSM supports people as they learn that they are capable of doing high-level work and succeeding.

High Performance Organizations

The most powerful implementation of CSM is systematically across an organization, for all positions, as a tool of cultural transformation to create a High Performance Organization.

When executives, managers and front-line employees have all completed the same challenge, employees feel empowered to solve problems on their own, teams collaborate from a foundation of shared knowledge, and managers have new-found respect for the people that they supervise. There's magic in achieving a shared goal.

org. chart with everybody having certificates from the CEO to front-line workers.


As a standard, the core of CSM is the same for all people. However, there are multiple ways in which we can customize CSM for your organization. These include:

  • Co-branding the interface with your company name and logo for your employees.
  • Creation of "interludes" within CSM for your employees, about your industry, company, or community.
  • Creation of advanced skills modules for people in your company to take after completing CSM - e.g. basics of hospital hygiene, lean Six Sigma methods, blueprint reading, introduction to your project management tools, etc.

It's about your future workforce, as well

You can share CSM with local schools, colleges, or workforce development programs to build a better workforce for your community.

High Performance Communities

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