CSM Coaches

CSM is a challenging curriculum for everyone. Most students without a college degree will complete CSM more quickly and will enjoy the experience more if they have a coach to help them through CSM.

CSM coaches serve as a cheerleader and mentor through the learning process. Coaches can be in-person or remote, professional instructors or volunteers - they don't need to be content experts, as it's important that the students learn skills on their own.

Coaching with CSM requires knowledge of the CSM Toolkit and an intuitive knowledge of how coaching best serves student needs. CSMlearn provides a variety of different free services to help train CSM coaches, or alternatively, you can hire low-cost Online Expert Coaches from CSMlearn.

The Amazing Toolkit

In most educational technology, the teacher interface is simply a checklist of the skills that the student has learned. CSM's Toolkit evaluates students holistically - their learning strategies, their frustrations, the strengths they bring to learning - and displays these to coaches along with suggested interventions.

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    Strengths and Concerns

    CSM interprets raw data to derive high level interpretations of each student's strengths and concerns. Clicking the Strategies buttons brings up suggested coach interventions. All information in the Toolkit is updated every 10 minutes.
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    Class Display

    The class display helps coaches quickly see individual student progress and the "Check on Me" hand helps identify those students in most need of intervention.
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    News Feed

    Every 10 minutes, CSM identifies which students have particularly urgent needs. Examples include a student who might be ready to boil over with frustration, or a student who has an accomplishment that deserves recognition.
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    Other Student Data

    CSM provides coaches with information from raw data to sophisticated interpretations to allow coaches to dig down and deeply understand every student. This information is of particular value in online coaching situations, in which coaches don't have in-person clues of the student's state of mind.
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    CSM provides a rich collection of reports for every organizational need.

Who are CSM coaches and how are they trained?

We provide free professional development to coaches to get them up-to-speed on what CSM is, the coaching philosophy, how to get the most out of the Toolkit, and how to best help CSM students. This is done through videos or live webinars. Coaches can also take advantage of unlimited free check-ins with experts from CSMlearn to discuss their own students and classes.

Because coaches don't teach skills to students, and therefore don't need to be content experts, coaches don't need to be professional educators. Anyone who is CSM Certified, has participated in CSM professional development, and who brings thoughtfulness and enthusiasm can be a successful CSM coach.

Online Expert Coaches

If your organization doesn't have the coaching capacity, CSMlearn Online Expert Coaches will check on students' progress, guide them to better learning strategies, and cheer on their CSM successes. Expert coaches are in touch with students by phone, email, and CSM's in-program messaging service. They'll be by a student's side however long it takes them to complete CSM.

"I always like to remind my students that CSM is one thing that is in their control. Even when life is crazy around you and you are trying to make things better, the one thing that you can control is completing CSM."
Jessica Hartman, CSMlearn Lead Expert Coach

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