What is High Performance?

Deep, fluent math and literacy

the most important skills used in college and work, at a deep level of understanding for application in daily life

Active, independent learning

the ability to learn new skills on your own

Persistence and self-reliance

pushing through problems that arise, and bouncing back from failure


the strategies and mindset needed to solve real-world problems

Attention-to-detail and conscientiousness

getting things right


the belief that you can succeed at what you try, informed by personal experience

Who Needs High Performance?

High Performance is universally important

The skills needed for 9th grade success are different from those needed by a Fortune 100 manager, but both should do their work with High Performance.

High Performance isn't about being better that everyone, it's about being your personal best: caring about what you do, pushing through failure, having high expectations for yourself and following through. These are thing that everyone should aspire to and can achieve.

CSM corrects deep problems in conventional education

The current educational system unintentionally undermines high personal expectations and self-efficacy; holds students to low standards on multiple-choice tests that erode their attention-to-detail; engenders student dependence on teachers; and is satisfied with superficial and transient knowledge of math and literacy skills - all the opposite of High Performance.

We believe that the ways conventional education and training undermine High Performance characteristics is the fundamental, system-wide failure that explains the slow progress in improving education outcomes. CSM is the first tool to directly address these issues.

75% of students graduate from high school or college with B or C averages. To the education system they are successes because they graduate. But beyond their mediocre skills, the most damaging aspect of this is that students are taught for years that B and C level skills are just fine. More insidiously, they are told for years and after that they're B and C level performers, and when they begin to believe it, it stays with them for their lives.

CSM both trains and certifies High Performance

The CSM Course builds High Performance using the world's most advanced learning technology. By placing students into an authentic environment and tracking how they learn, CSM teaches learning strategies and improves persistence. By holding students to an extremely high standard and providing positive feedback on their successes, CSM instills high personal expectations and builds self-efficacy.

Those who complete the CSM Course are then eligible for the CSM Certificate, the world's first certificate of High Performance.

With a universally available and extremely low-cost method for training and certifying High Performance, CSM takes a systems-approach to building skills for individuals, employers, educational institutions, and communities.

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