What are CSM+ Courses?

CSM+ Courses are optional add-ons that can be taken after completing the CSM Course. They build advanced problem solving and critical thinking to college-level difficulty. CSM+ Courses encourage personal exploration and develop sustained attention and problem solving, with students encouraged to work independently (with hints) to reach an aha! moment.

CSM+ Courses are particularly useful for education programs that use the CSM Course in a seat-time environment, as the CSM Course is adaptive and some students may complete it well before the end of the allotted time (e.g., a semester). These students can seamlessly transition to the CSM+ Courses, which take up to 100 hours to complete.

CSM+ Courses

Problem-Solving People

Problem-Solving People follows the residents of the fictional town of Hutterville through their careers and the problems they encounter. Professions include a veterinarian, reporter, skateboard shop owner, college student, and more. Problem-Solving People builds an exploration mindset, critical and logical thinking, persistence, attention to detail, and self-efficacy.

Mathematical Intuitions

Mathematical Intuitions builds math confidence, fluency, and engagement. Topics covered include statistics, percent change, geometry, and more. Concepts are taught without lessons by presenting problems of increasing depth and complexity. For example, there are over 150 complex problems on means and medians that depend on deep intuitions about properties of distributions and don't require a calculator!

Social Science Explorations

Social Science Explorations create engagement with research in topics such as Becoming an Expert and Perceptions of Fairness. Students study seminal experiments in the field and draw conclusions to confirm or reject hypotheses. In addition to introducing students to basic experimental design and data interpretation, Social Science Explorations also develops informational text literacy and critical thinking.

How do I take the CSM+ Courses?

The CSM+ Courses are included at no extra charge as part of the CSM Course! CSM+ Courses build on skills developed in the CSM Course and are only accessible after the CSM Course is complete.
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