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This page allows you to verify that a CSM Certificate of a job or school applicant is valid. Verifying CSM Certificates will protect you by ensuring that people are not fraudulently representing themselves as CSM Certificate holders.

How to Verify

You can verify a person's CSM Certificate through your CSM coach or administrator account, or as a guest below if you don't have an account.

If you are verifying multiple CSM Certificates, we recommend you and your organization register for a FREE CSM account. You'll also have access to features such as your organization's verification history, along with other free CSM resources and services.

To go to log in, or to register for CSM, click the appropriate button below:

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How we verify CSM Certificate-holders' identities

While people work on CSM, they do periodic keystroke biometric assessments to build a keystroke biometric profile. Before getting their CSM Certificate, they must complete a verification profile. To do this, CSM maps their biometrics onto a live keystroke biometric assessment that they take with a webcam. They must also take a live picture of themselves looking straight at the webcam and a picture of their valid photo ID for further comparison and validation of their identity. CSM then uses a proprietary process to assess the validity of the photos in the verification profile and to match the periodic keystroke biometric assessment data to their verification profile keystroke biometrics.

The chain of verification is illustrated below, to ensure that CSM Certificate-holders are who they say they are:


For people who don't have a typical photo ID, we offer rigorous alternatives for verifying their identity. See our photo ID requirements for more information.

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