Verify CSM Certificates

This page allows you to verify that a CSM Certificate of a job or school applicant is valid. Verifying CSM Certificates will protect you by ensuring that people are not fraudulently representing themselves as CSM Certificate holders.

The Verification Process

Our Full Verification process consists of verifying whether we have a matching, valid CSM Certificate in our records. Enter his or her Full Name and Certificate Code (which he or she will provide). We'll respond with our records on his or her certificate, including birth month and year. Make sure that you confirm this information with his or her ID.

In the future, the Full Verification process will become much more comprehensive: we will introduce keystroke biometric identification and a brief skills assessment in the winter of 2017.

How to Verify

You can verify a person's CSM Certificate through your CSM coach or administrator account, or as a guest below if you don't have an account.

If you are verifying multiple CSM Certificates, we recommend you and your organization register for a FREE CSM account. You'll also have access to features such as your organization's verification history, along with other free CSM resources and services.

To go to log in, or to register for CSM, click the appropriate button below:

Verify CSM Certificate as Guest

Your information

In order to verify CSM Certificates, you need to tell us who you are. Enter information about you and your organization below.

Please enter your name
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Please enter a certificate code of the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
Please enter the certificate holder's name

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