The CSM Course

High Performance competencies enable youth to thrive!

CSM is a self-paced online course that uses next-generation adaptive technology to build broad High Performance competencies, leading to many diverse outcomes from a single course:

  • CSM teaches quantitative reasoning, applied literacy, and problem solving.
  • CSM builds career competencies through unique alignment to the Common Employability Skills framework, and is being incorporated into industry credentials in energy, construction, restaurants, and other sectors
  • The CSM Certificate comes with an ACE CREDIT recommendation of 3 semester hours of quantitative reasoning credit at the baccalaureate level
  • CSM teaches the skills of lifelong career decision-making
  • CSM specifically targets self-efficacy, the most important personal characteristic for school, college, work, and life success

CSM has a new approach to college and career success. Instead of focusing solely on academic or job-specific skills, it develops individuals with High Performance competencies: people who learn more effectively, who persist through difficulties and bounce back from failure, who step forward to solve problems, who have a strategic framework for making career decisions, and who believe that they can excel in education and work. These competencies are among the most critical factors for high school graduation, postsecondary access and success, job hiring and promotion, and personal growth and lifelong learning, and are particularly salient for struggling and underserved students.

CSM can work with students over a wide range of educational backgrounds. In a national evaluation of online education's effects in adult education (primarily opportunity youth), compared with gold-standard courses from leading publishers, CSM showed the largest math and literacy gains, along with the highest student engagement. At the same time, CSM has been taken by the CEO of Firehouse Subs and his vice presidents, and the Senior VP of Operations and PhD chief engineer of a Fortune 500 manufacturing company. This breadth of users reflects that different people need different skills, but everyone benefits from High Performance competencies.

CSM allows very flexible implementation, from blended learning classrooms to use at home supported by an online coach, and can be used in a variety of different contexts:

  • Bridge-to-high-school and bridge-to-college programs
  • As an academic supplement to Summer Youth Employment Programs or other internship programs
  • Credit recovery and dropout prevention programs
  • As an after-school or summer supplement
  • As a CTE or career-readiness course
  • As part of leadership development or entrepreneurial programs
  • As preparation for GED, ACCUPLACER, and similar assessments

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CSM is fundamentally different in its goals and methods from conventional approaches to college and career success, and to help you understand it better and explore how it might be applied in your programs, we're hosting a series of introductory webinars for Georgia Youth Services. Use the registration form at the bottom of this website to sign up. Feel free to invite schools and service providers with which you work, as well.

If you'll be unavailable to participate in one of these webinars, please contact Miriam Goldberg, at to arrange for a private webinar.

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