What is the AmeriHealth CSM Program?

Of past AmeriHealth Caritas participants:

  • 100% enjoyed CSM
  • 97% feel it will improve their performance at work, that there are more tasks they can tackle now, and that they are better at solving problems
  • 100% believe that their colleagues at AmeriHealth Caritas would benefit from CSM!

In the AmeriHealth CSM Program, you will take the CSM Course to build your high performance skills and traits that allow everyone to bring their best to their jobs, every day. CSM uses adaptive learning technology to personalize every person's unique path through the skills. If you need more support, you'll get it. If your skills are already strong, you will build even deeper skills as well as personal traits like attention-to-detail and persistence.

When you finish the CSM Course, you will earn your CSM Certificate, a professional certificate of High Performance.

To help you understand how you learn best and keep you motivated and on track, every associate will have a personal Expert Coach.

CSM is for EVERYONE. Past cohorts have included everyone from managers and executives to frontline employees, with educational backgrounds ranging from high school diplomas to post-graduate degrees.

What will you learn with CSM?

CSM builds the High Performance that is critical to Everyone Leads

College-level quantitative reasoning and applied literacy

the most important skills used in college and work, at a deep level of understanding for application in daily life

Active, independent learning

the ability to learn new skills on your own

Persistence and self-reliance

pushing through problems that arise, and bouncing back from failure


the strategies and mindset needed to solve real-world problems

Attention-to-detail and conscientiousness

getting things right


the belief that you can succeed at what you try, informed by personal experience

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  • "So what did [CSM] teach me? That I can overcome fear and anxiety, that I'm not a quitter when the going gets tough...I learned about math but I also learned about my own personality. I learned about logic, but I also learned about my own patience (or lack of at times)...It's not about smarts - it's about utilizing our skills and trusting that we can slug our way through a tough spot."

  • "CSM made me focus more on completing tasks and not being afraid to make mistakes. The mistakes were a learning lesson on how to do the problems correctly. It's definitely made me smarter and it's teaching me how to teach myself."

  • "My favorite thing was learning the math skills. I realized that math is all around us. We use math to do our everyday job, to resolve an issue at work, home, etc."

ACE CREDIT® Recommendation

The American Council on Education (ACE) recommends that colleges accept the CSM Certificate as a 3 semester hour course in quantitative reasoning. You can have a transcript of your CSM Certificate sent from ACE to any college or university. Click here to learn which colleges have agreed to accept CSM for credit, and how to send a transcript.

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