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Free Organization Services for Coaches and Administrators



  • Path-breaking tools for tracking student progress
  • Full suite of classroom management tools


High Performance Coaching professional development course

  • Professional development on what makes CSM unique, the coaching philosophy, using the Toolkit, and best implementation and coaching practices, embedded within the beginning of the CSM Course
  • Personalized feedback from CSMlearn Expert Coaches about best practices
  • A certificate of completion



  • Unlimited check-ins with CSM staff to discuss coaching, students, Toolkit, etc
  • Unlimited implementation and planning support
  • Unlimited technical support


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  • Sponsor CSM for students or schools in your community
  • Include your logo for sponsored students, and information about your company or organization

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  • Add your logo to CSM for students at your organization

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Custom Content

  • Build custom CSM+ Courses with information specific to your organization or community (these can be interwoven with the CSM Course, or taken after completing the CSM Course)

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