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Question: If 99.5% of computer keyboards do NOT have keys that stick, 1 in how many computer keyboards DO have keys that stick?

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What is number sense?

One of the goals of CSM is to build your number sense -- a deep sense of how numbers fit together, and what they really mean. In the problem above, for example, it's easy to think of 99.5% as almost all -- but that's not very helpful. And if you think of 99.5% and 99.995% both as almost all, you wouldn't see that the first is 1 in 200 and the second is 1 in 20,000!

With CSM, you'll learn to see numbers in a different, more confident way.

Take the CSM Course to learn how to do problems like this and build your High Performance skills (like persistence, self-reliance, and problem-solving).

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