Take the CSM Challenge: Connecting Information

Joe is an Assistant Manager at Foster Rentals, and he is reading a memo from his supervisor about the new procedures for handling rental cars

TO: Assistant Managers

FROM: Adriana Vargas, General Manager, Foster Rentals

RE: Rental Car Replacement Schedule

One of the most important tasks at Foster Rentals is keeping our fleet of cars up to date. There has been some confusion about the duties of the assistant managers. Please review the following information so that you are clear on what we expect from you.

The replacement schedule is based on the type of vehicle, so you should all be familiar with our various makes and models of cars. The Puma and Sigil are sports utility vehicles. The Shiraz and Pip are luxury cars, while the Joaquin and Meridian are full-size vans. All of our other vehicles are premiums. We are holding off on renting other types of vehicles at the moment, but this decision will be reviewed next year.

We have chosen specific months to replace certain types of vehicles. All luxury cars will be replaced in June. The sports utility vehicles will be replaced in April, while premiums will be replaced in September. In August, we will replace the full-size vans. Assistant managers will fill out inspection forms for each new car on the day of arrival.

Remember that the assistant managers set an example for the rest of the staff. Please fulfill your duties in a prompt manner.

Adriana Vargas

General Manager, Foster Rentals

Question: When will a Minuet be replaced?

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Using Inference

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