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Facts about the PowerTower 2500 Requirements to meet the Mandated Cost Benefit Profile
  • PowerTower 2500 comes with a hard drive with 200 gigabytes of storage.
  • PowerTower 2500 does not interface with VT_2 protocol routers.
  • PowerTower 2500 comes with pre-installed operating system version 9.
  • PowerTower 2500 has 5 serial ports.
  • PowerTower 2500 has integrated network auto-sensing.
  • PowerTower 2500 is a short tower.
  • The computer must have 3 or fewer serial ports AND a bus speed of between 150 and 200 MHz
  • OR
  • the computer must be a short tower

QUESTION: Does the PowerTower 2500 meet the mandated cost benefit profile?

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