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Jamal works for Office Supply Distributors, and needs to complete the information on this invoice. He needs to apply a 20% discount, and the tax rate is 7%.


Question: Including the 20% discount and the 7% tax rate, what is the final Total Due on the invoice?

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Why is it important to work carefully?

When you're doing a multi-step problem like this invoice, any mistake that you make will lead you to make mistakes on the rest of the problem as well. Employers particularly care about how detail-oriented you are in your work -- if you make mistakes, it can cost them a lot of money. In addition to teaching skills like percents, taxes, and discounts, CSM can make you better at paying attention to details and working carefully.

Take the CSM Course to learn how to do problems like this and build your High Performance skills (like persistence, self-reliance, and problem-solving).

When you complete the CSM Course, you'll earn your CSM Certificate to show employers that you have what it takes!

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