Take the CSM Challenge: Reporting a Problem

Ursula wants to water her back yard but finds that her sprinkler is not working. Unable to fix it on her own, she decides to send an email to the manufacturer to see if it can be repaired.

Below are seven pieces of information, all of which are true.

  • I usually let the sprinkler run for an hour
  • Our S-42-G687 Sprinkler Deluxe is not working properly
  • I ran over the sprinkler with my motorcycle
  • The sprinkler has a red dial on it
  • Much less water is spraying out of the sprinkler than it used to
  • I called my friend, but he couldn't help me
  • I made sure the hose is on tight
QUESTION: What are the 4 most important pieces of information that Ursula should include in the email?

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What is effective communication?

Effective communication requires including all the information that you need to include so that you get what you need and not including anything extra so you don't waste other people's time. CSM can help you communicate effectively.

Take the CSM Course to learn how to do problems like this and build your High Performance skills (like persistence, self-reliance, and problem-solving).

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