Take the CSM Challenge: Averaging and Prediction

The graph below shows the number of trailers that Barnum Moving and Storage has rented in the last 11 months.


Question 1: On average, how many trailers were rented per month from the beginning of Month 4 through the end of Month 11?

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Question 2: Using that average, what is your prediction for how many trailers will be rented in the next 5 months (rounded to the nearest trailer)?

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How can you use data to predict the future?

Data is often noisy -- it jumps around a lot. Using statistical techniques like averaging can help to get a better overall picture, and it can make for more accurate predictions of the future. CSM can give you the tools you need to analyze data in your work and life.

Take the CSM Course to learn how to do problems like this and build your High Performance skills (like persistence, self-reliance, and problem-solving).

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