Take the CSM Challenge: Answer Modeling

Question 1: What are the possible volumes for a tall Tampico P7?
  • 0.01 quarts
  • 114
  • 10 cubic centimeters
  • 2000 tons
  • 40.3 square meters

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Question 2: What are possible speeds of the HZA_6t?
  • 220 meters
  • 0.006 seconds
  • 0.1 minutes/inch
  • 2 yards per second
  • 100 cubic feet per second

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Question 3: What are possible rates of refunds at a department store?
  • 0.13 minutes
  • 0.6 days per refund
  • 2 refunds per minute
  • 3 refunds
  • 24 refunds/inch

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Why do units matter?

Units are fundamental to calculation. You can't measure something to be "12" long -- it must be 12 feet, or 12 meters, or 12 miles. Units can be helpful, too, because they can help you figure out if your answer is on the right track. If you are asked to calculate how much something weighs and you answer "4.6 inches", you know you've made a mistake somewhere! CSM can give you a deep understanding of units and confidence in using them.

Take the CSM Course to learn how to do problems like this and build your High Performance skills (like persistence, self-reliance, and problem-solving).

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