CSMlearn is now a Public Benefit Corporation

Posted by Lucia Laudisio on July 15th, 2017 at 8:51 am

We have converted CSMlearn into a Public Benefit Corporation so that our legal form is now authentic to who we are as a company! Public Benefit Corporations are a new form of legal incorporation that allows for companies to make decisions for the benefit of all of their stakeholders, not just their shareholders. Our aim is to create broad scale social changes, and while we are a for-profit company, we want to make choices that will benefit the world, not just ourselves.   

The Articles of Incorporation of a Public Benefit Corporation require a purpose that the company is bound to. After much deliberation, we came to the statement below.

CSMlearn's Purpose

  • To empower people around the world to reach their full potential in their education, in their careers, and in their lives -- being particularly mindful of those who are underserved.

  • Through the business and operations of CSMlearn, to benefit its stakeholders taken as a whole, who include owners; employees; users of its services and products; business partners and suppliers; the local communities in which it operates; and its home, the earth.

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