Bring High Performance to your entire school community

CSM's High Performance skills and traits are important for high school students, but also for everyone in the school community: the principal, teachers, office staff, cafeteria workers, and even the parents. A High Performance High School is where everyone in the school community is encouraged to work together to build their high performance characteristics, cementing a spirit of communal purpose, effort, accomplishment and pride.

We're instituting a new pilot program for High Performance High Schools. These schools and will receive the following services completely for free for two years:

  • Everyone, including administrators, faculty, staff, students and parents, will be able to take the CSM Course at no cost.
  • On completing CSM, each person will receive a printed CSM Certificate that is mounted for hanging or tabletop display, a CSM wallet card, and free verification of CSM completion on our website at no cost.
  • CSMlearn will provide a display recognizing those that complete CSM that can be placed in the foyer of your school at no cost.
  • CSMlearn will provide free professional development for faculty at no cost.

The required commitment from the school is that CSM will be made available to everyone in the school community:

  • The principal and administrators will become CSM Certified.
  • At least half of the school faculty will become CSM Certified.
  • At least half of one grade level at the school will be given a CSM course - e.g. this might be called a "9th grade transition-to-high school" class or "10th grade problem-solving class" or an "11th grade college-prep" class.
  • Staff (e.g. office, cafeteria, janitorial workers) that want to take CSM will be provided at least 2 hours per week of paid-time, as well as computer access
  • Parents will be encouraged and be given help to take CSM

If you have questions or reservations about any of these commitments or about your technology - please speak with us (CSM can be used on older equipment with relatively low bandwidth). You can start the High Performance High School program in fall of 2016 or spring of 2017.

Download the white paper

If you'd like to learn more, click here for a white paper introduction to CSM and High Performance High Schools. In addition, please feel free to contact Miriam Goldberg, our Chief Education Officer, at, or (303) 862-7233.

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