Across academic goals, build high-performance

CSM is a free web-based course that builds and deepens core math and literacy skills and ties these skills to real-world problem solving. More importantly, CSM is the only adaptive learning system with personalized instruction that also builds better learners with effective learning strategies and powerful academic traits and habits -- persistence, carefulness, self-reliance, confidence and intrinsic motivation. CSM helps all students with the everyday skills they will use through their lives for success in school, college and their career.

Check out our short 6-minute animated video that tells CSM's story: its goals, curriculum, instruction, and more.

CSM Course

The CSM Course is unique in many ways, including: the curriculum, who it's appropriate for, its next-generation adaptive learning system, its new approach to college and career readiness, and that it is completely free (yes, free!).

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CSM Certificate

Once students complete the CSM Course, they become eligible for the CSM Certificate, which certifies and provides a lifelong record that the student has mastered core workforce academic and decision-making skills -- that is, essential skills for work and college success.

Every 10 minutes, CSM calculates:

  • Which students most need coach intervention
  • Summaries of student progress, effort, learning decisions and reading effectiveness over the last 2 hours
  • Strengths and concerns for every student, including targeted intervention suggestions

Teaching with CSM

Coaches and CSM work together to strengthen students' ability to learn on their own. CSM's Toolkit provides new types of real-time information about students, and coaches have access to free innovative professional development.


With a broad curriculum that spans academic and workforce skills, CSM is suited for a surprising variety of applications in secondary schools, adult and workforce education, and postsecondary education.

Services and Pricing

CSM provides a range of education services. The CSM Course, the Toolkit, and professional development for coaches are free. The CSM Certificate, CSM-provided coaches, and even customization of some of the advanced curriculum are available for a fee. Check out the full list of services and pricing to learn more. Revenue provided by these services support our company's mission and ability to provide the CSM Course for free to all.

Getting Started

CSM offers comprehensive free implementation assistance covering best practices for use, how to fit CSM into a broader curriculum, and which students CSM is appropriate for.

The consistent feedback from the teachers has been that CSM makes the students work hard - it doesn't let them off, and it doesn't let them guess. Yet instead of frustrating the students, they appear to enjoy working with it... The unanimous feelings of the math teachers involved in the program is that students are learning in ways they haven't before.
-- Haidee Halvorson, math facilitator at a turnaround high school in Colorado

Success Stories

Learn about CSM from our users - coaches, administrators, and students.

30-minute webinar introduction

The 30-minute video that introduces CSM curriculum, instruction, coach role, and more, is a useful starting point for educational decision-makers.